Why I Cannot Identify as a Gay Christian – Friend’s Post

An acquaintance of mine posted his experience with the concept of a “gay Christian.” I think he speaks a bit of truth that Christians need to hear. In the post he says “So for all intents and purposes I gave up acting on my same-sex attractions as a viable option a long time ago.” This is how I feel God wants Christians with same sex attraction to act. Just as good Christian men commit to one partner through marriage and do not commit adultery.  As such, I highly recommend that you check out his post if you have thoughts, questions, or concerns with “gay Christians.”  He is open and honest about his thoughts and feelings and personal accounts with it.  I tried to set up a reblog for it so that his post would just show up here, but it did not seem to work.  So I am just going to post a link to it with my additional thoughts and comments here.

I believe that homosexuality is only going to increase in the church.  The notion of being a “gay Christian” has become an option in some circles of Christianity.  From my acquaintance’s experience, this is not possible.  You cannot be a Christian and embraces the identity of homosexuality based on the Bible.  He provides lots of Scripture for his beliefs.  I believe that he is correct in his line of thinking in much the same way as we cannot say that we are “lying Christians,” “adulterous Christians,” or “greedy Christians.”  We are not defined by our sin, but what we do with our sin and our relationship and faith in Jesus Christ.  This is what is important.  No Christian should be acting upon any sin.


Check out his post here: “Why I cannot Identify as a Gay Christian


-Pastor Zach

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