Harry Potter Exposes a Real Problem with Christianity

Harry Potter Christian Logo

As some of you may know, the television network Freeform, offers what they call “Harry Potter Weekend.” They actually do this on a regular basis. You can spend all weekend watching 7 of the 8 Harry Potter movies (for some reason or another they do not seem to own the rights to the Order of the Phoenix and as such never

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Language – Unwholesome Talk

Foul Language from Q*BERT

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  We have all heard this at one time or another.  The ironic part about this statement is that as soon as someone told this too us we probably thought that they were lying.  Someone’s words, or language, had just done some real damage to our character and

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Wrong People in Heaven? You better believe it.

It does not take a lot of thought to think about popular debates between Bible believing Christians.  Calvinists versus Arminians is a popular debate in most Christian universities.  However, here is the catch that I think we sometimes forget.  I do not think that either way of thinking will ban someone from heaven.  Someone is wrong, and as such, there

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