Eutychus falls asleep and falls out a window – Crazy Bible Story 8

Eutychus sleep falling out a window during Paul's sermon

Everyone knows that the human body needs somewhere between 6 and 8 hours of sleep. For some people they want a lot more. For other people (like myself) coffee and caffeine become a sleep replacement drug. (Our friend Eutychus today could have used some nectar of the gods himself) Some of us are night owls. Others are morning people (ew).

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Crazy Bible Stories: Part 1

Crazy Bible Stories: Elisha – Bear Summoner

In case you haven’t noticed, the Bible is absolutely crazy.  It is filled with bizarre and crazy Bible stories.  Some of these crazy Bible stories we might have actually heard in Sunday School class or in church or perhaps through some kind of children’s video series.  After all, everyone knows the story of Samson’s strength or David’s slaying of Goliath,

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