New Website! Check it out!

New website leads to a new future.

While I recently updated my website in order to make attempts to modernize, my internet savvy wife was not super impressed.  This is because all I really did is update to the newest wordpress template.  As such, I allowed her to search for a new theme and put together a bunch of changes for this new website.  I think that it looks pretty good and I hope that it helps people to find things better and navigate around my site.  Ideally, I want the new website to grow into something that is updated regularly enough that people come back to it on a regular basis and perhaps even share with their friends.  The new website is fully responsive and will work great on phones, tablets, and computers.  I am pretty excited with the new layout and features that are available to the site.  One major change is the fact that you can now simply go to, you now longer need to type in the extra /blog part in order to get to the site.  This should help people to find the site better and all in all it makes more sense.

Ideas? Thoughts? Comments? or Concerns about my new website? Send them my way!

As for topics to write about and things of that nature, there are things that I have in my mind to write about.  However, if there is something that you would like me to write about or explore let me know.  Additionally, if you would like to write something and have me publish it here on my site/blog send it to me and I will take a look at it.  If I like it, I’ll post it to the site and share it with the people I know.  Thanks for visiting and keep checking back for more updates.  Hopefully this new website is something that I am able to utilize to it’s fullest potential.  (Thanks Melissa, you are the best wife ever!).  You can check her site out here:


– Pastor Zach Haas

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