First (new) Blog Post

So I decided to start another blog.  This one, however, is much more official.  I am actually paying for a web-server, and have an actual domain dedicated to me.  I can essentially customize all of this as much as I want.  I am also using WordPress this time.  So far, I am happy with the experience.  I worried at first that I would be restricted in what I can do, but I found out that you can actually hard code everything.  I like that.

In my last blog, I just sort of spewed things out in whatever order or fashion they came to me.  This time, I would like to put a little more work into making it a bit more professional (with the exception of this initial post because I am still rather exhausted after a three day youth convention).  I also made a commitment with my youth group that I was going to participate in a 90 Day Challenge where we are going to journal every day until Easter.  I’ll talk about this tomorrow.

Part of the reason that I really wanted to get my blog started again was because I believe that it is really good for me.  It is good for me to write.  Another reason is that I think that I can actually provide some benefit to other people through this blog.  Being in Seminary causes me to think about a lot of things that I do not give enough attention to.  I am constantly thinking “Wow! This would be a great thing to do a little more research on and inform people about.”  The problem is I never really follow through with these desires.  Instead, I write them on a list of things to write about someday.

Well, it would appear that someday is now.  My goal is to write consistently (Or at the very least weekly).  My goal is to make a post between Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings.  I have had this as a reoccurring reminder in my phone for a very long time now.  I think that it is time for me to actually do something with that reminder.

One of the things I also want to try to do with this blog is limit the length of my posts more.  Many times I would write in excess of 2000 words in one post.  I think this is a bit much for people to sit down and read when they are constantly busy with other things.  I really do like writing, and if a post warrants a lot of words, I will break it up into multiple parts.  Therefore, my goal is to limit posts to around 1000 words each time.

I think that all of the posts here will have something to do spiritually.  Between the books that I am reading, the papers that I am writing, the church I am attending, and the youth group I am leading, I have many spiritual thoughts that deserve some attention.  My goal is to bring them to light for myself first.  However, I am also hoping that other people will gain something from my musings.  I do not want to make this blog super serious or anything (hence the title).  Instead, I want to be my weird and usual self.  I want to add humor where you might not always find it.  I want to be different yet informative.  I don’t know if I will ever get very many readers or anything like that, but I do think it would be cool.

All right, for now I need to focus on resting.  My body is still physically, emotionally, and spiritually tired.  I haven’t yet had time to recover and process all that has happened in the last few days.  Fortunately, this SHOULD give me something to write about.  One of the cool things about WordPress is that I can easily access it on my phone.  I can make posts from it or work on posts and finish them later.  Everything is synced together so nicely.  I think that this will help me to be consistent as well.  I hope that some of you are excited to be a part of my life through reading my blog.  PLEASE leave comments, thoughts, suggestions, and ideas whenever you like.  I enjoy the feedback.  Who knows, we might get into a good conversation or healthy debate.

Your friend, brother, and companion in Christ,

–Zach Haas

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