5 Things Leaders (or perhaps even friends) should Never do


In the past few months I have had some time to think about leadership and what it takes to make a leader.  In this time I have graduated from seminary, been appointed as a minister by the Wesleyan Church, and attended the Global Leadership Summit.  However, when I thought about the things that make up leaders, and specifically good leaders,

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Wrong People in Heaven? You better believe it.

It does not take a lot of thought to think about popular debates between Bible believing Christians.  Calvinists versus Arminians is a popular debate in most Christian universities.  However, here is the catch that I think we sometimes forget.  I do not think that either way of thinking will ban someone from heaven.  Someone is wrong, and as such, there

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The Problem with the Idea of World Changers

All in all the concepts behind being a “world changer” is not a bad aspiration to have in life.  However, despite my Alma Matter’s desire to graduate all students as “world changers” this aspiration might be at best unrealistic, and at worst, completely misleading and disappointing.  Perhaps the true argument is one of semantics, but I do not think this

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